Install A Windows Service To Back Up Your MySQL Databases Unattended

Install a service program on Windows for backing up and restoring the local/remote MySQL databases on schedule. You do not need to login your Windows user account, the service program can be automatically started when the computer boots, run in the background as long as Windows is running.

  • Login Computer Administrator User Account

  • Please login a computer administrator user account on Windows. The user has enough privileges to install service is required.
    The super user account "Administrator" is recommended.

  • Create The Scheduled Tasks

  • Scheduled Tasks
    Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition
    Create Scheduled Task To Back Up Your MySQL Database
    Create Scheduled Task To Restore Your MySQL Database

  • Open MySQL Backup Service Manager

  • Windows Service Menu
    Please choose the menu Tools -> Windows Service... to open MySQL Backup Service Manager.

  • Install Auto Backup for MySQL Service

  • Install MySQL Backup Service
    Please click on the button "Install Service" to install the service program.
    After installing, the service program will be started automatically and its startup type will be set to "Automatic".
    The service program will be automatically started when the operating system is started.

    After installing the service program, please open Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services to view the status of Auto Backup for MySQL Service.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sometimes, the service program has not enough privileges to remove the expired backup files from the protected folders on Windows.

    To solve the problem, please open Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services, select "Auto Backup for MySQL Service", double-click it and select "Log On" page on the properties window, select "This account: ", enter "Administrator" and password, click on OK to save the properties. Then please restart Auto Backup for MySQL Service.
    Log On