SwordSky Software Partner Program

  • Third-Party Partner System (ShareIt): Free to join, Real-time tracking, Monthly payment
  • An Unique Coupon Code With 10% OFF Offer For Your Promotion
  • Earn 30% Up To 60% Every Order (About $20 - $40 USD Per License)
  • Additional Commission Plan:
    • Total Licenses 1st - 10th: 30% Commission
    • Total Licenses 11th - 30th: 35% Commission
    • Total Licenses 31st - 50th: 40% Commission
    • Total Licenses 51st - 100th: 45% Commission
    • Total Licenses 101st - 200th: 50% Commission
    • Total Licenses 201st - 300th: 55% Commission
    • Total Licenses 300+: 60% Commission

How To Join SwordSky Software Partner Program?

  • Sign Up An Affiliate Account On ShareIt (The Third-Party Partner System) For Free
  • Tutorial: Two Steps To Sign Up An Affiliate Account On ShareIt

  • Receive Your Unique Coupon Code From SwordSky Software
  • SwordSky Software will send an unique coupon code with 10% OFF offer to your affiliate email address after ShareIt reviewing your application information.
    Please add our email addresses (*@swordsky.com) to the white list of your email spam filter for avoiding the email message is blocked.

  • Share Your Unique Coupon Code
  • Please share our product description, website https://www.swordsky.com/ and your unique coupon code to:
    • Your friends
    • Your blog
    • Your website
    • Your Facebook
    • Your Twitter
    • Your forums
    • Anywhere
    Anyone purchase our software with your unique coupon code (10% OFF offer, enter it on our purchase page), ShareIt will add 30% up to 60% commission (about $20-$40 USD per license) to your affiliate accout.

    That's all! Please start your business and enjoy it!
    If you have any questions about our partner program, please feel free to Contact Us.

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